Group travel company ready for take-off with reactive PR (Case study)

A prominent player in the US travel industry approached Forte Analytica with a challenge. They were struggling to rank for the highly-competitive keywords they were targeting and needed a robust strategy to improve their search engine rankings.

Selection of the campaign's links from reactive HARO PR.
Selection of the campaign’s links from reactive HARO PR.

The challenge

The client’s primary challenge was the highly competitive nature of the online travel industry. Despite their best efforts, they had been unable to secure high rankings for these keywords, which was affecting their performance as a business.

They needed an effective solution to improve their rankings and increase their traffic.

The solution

Forte Analytica, leveraging its expertise in SEO and digital marketing, proposed a strategy based on our reactive PR link building service, a proven method for securing high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

Within 3 months, Forte Analytica secured placements in major publications, including Daily Mail, Telegraph, Yahoo!, Forbes, GoBankingRates, AZ Central, and IndyStar, among others.

In addition, several articles linking to the client were syndicated to powerful publishers, further boosting their online presence. There were countless media mentions that were unlinked in the Washington Post, CBS News, and more.

These links were free since Forte Analytica’s policy is that links in syndicated articles are free, adding even more value to the service.

The results

Growth of referring domains.
Growth of referring domains.

Thanks to the high-quality backlinks secured through the reactive PR link building service and the syndicated articles, the client’s website ranked higher for their targeted keywords. They were also able to add publisher logos to their website, improving their credibility.

Gareth Boyd

Gareth Boyd

Gareth has been in SEO since 2003 and has been instrumental in establishing and growing businesses online, leveraging the power of SEO, strategic content development, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

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