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Links. Placed.

Nobody likes blogger outreach.
Now you don’t need to do it.

* Get links from relevant sites with traffic.
* Link insertions, niche edits, guest posts. We do it all.
* Approve placements before publishing.

Our clients have been featured on...

Relevant. Reliable. Done.

Elevate your link building. Deploy our experienced team.

Organic traffic.

Get links from sites with organic traffic — the only metric that really matters.

Relevant placements.

Relevant domain. Relevant page. Relevant link. Done. It’s not that complicated.

Choose the domain. Specify your anchor text and target URL. Be the captain of your campaign.

More scale. Less talk.

Tap into an experienced team who have been placing links for 20+ years.

Fresh outreach.

New client, we scrape the web for new, fresh, opportunities for your domain.

Designed for all.

Our link building service is suitable for niche website owners to in-house consultants and agencies.

Case study

Forte effect.

After 20+ links. Brute force growth.

How one brand used our service to drive growth and support content.

Trusted by industry leaders.

Barry Adams

“I collaborated with Forte Analytica for years to acquire high value links for my clients, and they always delivered. The links were top notch and helped drive meaningful ranking and traffic improvements for my client sites. Fast and proactive customer service made our collaboration a true delight.”

Barry Adams

SEO Consultant, Polemic Digital

James de Lacey, Owner Lift Big Eat Big.

“Where do I start? Gareth seemingly came down from the heavens to save me from the Hell that is ‘Dear Sir’ link lists. Aside from being devilishly funny, he’s smart and can deliver links (at scale) easily. It’s a rare combination of wit and actually doing what he says he will. Would I recommend Forte? Absolutely. Would I tell him that? Absolutely not.”

Ryan Darani

SEO Engineer & Consultant,

James de Lacey, Owner Lift Big Eat Big.

“While most link building agencies will tell you they do proper outreach link building, they typically don’t. Forte Analytica is the first agency I’ve used that truly does real outreach presenting sites that aren’t guest post farms. The bonus is I got to pre-approve the sites I wanted links from, making working with Forte Analytica a better experience than other agencies.”

James de Lacey

Owner of Lift Big Eat Big

Ryan Darani

“Recently switched to using Forte to build links for some of our clients and they’ve delivered so far. Biggest thing is they allow us to review and approve links beforehand so we can make sure we’re getting the most relevant links for our clients. These guys are legit!”

Emil Shour

SEO Consultant, Catalyst Content

Paul Madden, Founder of Opphive.

“Forte takes a very personal and custom approach to building highly relevant and targeted links. We’ve used them and are very happy with the quality and relevance of the online references for our clients.”

Jared Bauman

CEO of 201 Creative

Paul Madden, Founder of Opphive.

“Forte Analytica is an experienced agency with an analytical approach to building links that look organic and pass value which is important for budget and results.”

Paul Madden

Founder of Opphive. Speaker at Pubcon & BrightonSEO

Ryan Darani

“I’ve been delighted with Gareth from ForteAnalytica’s cost-effective HARO service! In a few months, we got six links from the Washington Post, Forbes, CBS News, DailyMail, and others! And it does seem to have moved the needle on rankings, without any other link building or on-page work over that time period!”

Hans Mast

Travel Expert, Head of Digital at Golden Rule Travel

James de Lacey, Owner Lift Big Eat Big.

“I run a busy real estate business and we have used many different agencies in Sydney, but Forte have taken a lot of the work onboard and built us a lot of presence and links through their unique outreach.”

Sarah Rohdich

Co-Founder of Hauslein

Campaigns. Executed.

Clarity and transparency from start to finish. Tried and tested workflow.

1. Select your package.

Select the package that suits your project’s needs.

2. Domains suggested.

We suggest relevant domains. You choose.

Your links start to go live shortly after.

4. Report delivered.

Track, analyse and report your campaign.

Clear and transparent pricing.

A simple and sustainable pricing model. Designed for trust at scale.

Publisher fee (if any).

Whatever a publisher charges, we pass on with no margin.

Forte fee.

$150 per link insertion and $175 per guest post.

Total cost.

The total invoiced amount is the sum of the publisher and Forte fee.

A flat rate limits what we can suggest, meaning clients can miss out on link placements they would otherwise want.

Our pricing model incentivises us to suggest high-quality and relevant domains with low — or no — publisher fee. On the other hand, clients maintain control over budget allocation.

The total price is the sum of the publisher’s fee (if there is one) and our fee.


A publisher charges a fee of $50 for a link insertion. Forte Analytica charges a fee of $150. The total cost would be $200.

No. We negotiate the lowest possible price and pass this on with no added margin.

Which package is right for you?




  • Link insertions, niche edits, guest posts
  • No fixed monthly contract
  • Up front payment
  • Start immediately




  • Link insertions, niche edits, guest posts
  • No fixed monthly contract
  • Split payment available
  • Start immediately




  • Link insertions, niche edits, guest posts
  • No fixed monthly contract
  • Split payment available
  • Start immediately

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our service is designed for resale. Your clients will be unaware of Forte Analytica’s role in securing link placements.

We don’t work with clients in the following industries: adult, casino, CBD, gambling, or pharmaceutical.

If we cannot find any relevant publishers, we will contact you to discuss using a different strategy or issue a full refund.

The end result is similar — a link in a blog post — but there are differences.

Guest posts can be tailored more closely to your topical requirements, but are new posts. Link insertions and niche edits have the benefit of being added to an existing blog post that preferably already ranks and has traffic from Google.

Yes. We do not rent links. Although we cannot guarantee what a publisher might do in the future, links we place are done on the understanding that they are to remain on the publisher’s website permanently.

No. Not yet.

We work with English-speaking publications mostly in the US or UK on .com, .net, .org, .ca,,, or TLDs.

Yes. We will suggest domains and you can choose whichever you want.

Yes. You can specify anchor text and target URL details regardless of the type of link placed. If placing guest posts, we will send you the copy to approve before it is sent to the publisher.

We write the copy for guest posts as per the publication’s specifications.

No. We crosscheck against existing referring domains using Ahrefs.

Traffic from Google and relevance are what we rely on to determine quality. Pricing is not determined by Ahrefs DR or any other third party metric.

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