NSW-based home builder takes top spot with reactive digital PR & link placements (Case study)

The client, a relatively new tiny home manufacturer based in regional New South Wales, was grappling with low online visibility. Despite the growing interest in sustainable and affordable living, they weren’t ranking for crucial keywords in their industry.

The challenge

Having launched their business in the previous year, our client was still not visible enough in Google’s search results. With a thin backlink profile and little online authority, the challenge was to not only increase their search visibility but also to position them as a leading voice in the burgeoning tiny home movement.

The solution

Forte began an aggressive and prolonged reactive digital PR campaign, responding to relevant journalist requests about homes, interior design, and construction.

To maximise the campaign’s effectiveness, we advised the client on several changes to make to their website so it would be more liekly to pass an editorial review. We also worked on building out the persona with guest posts and interviews to improve the chances of passing a journalistic and editorial review.

Forte Analytica secured placements in major publications, such as Homes & Gardens, Realtor, Family Handyman, Yahoo!, MSN, and more.

Our client received several unlinked media mentions in trusted news publications, improving their brand’s credibility and E-E-A-T.

Additionally, we conducted blogger outreach to build links in various highly-relevant publications.

The results

The reactive PR strategy, complemented by strategic link placements, yielded remarkable results.

“Forte Analytica smashed it. Our website ranks at the top for the most lucrative keywords in our industry and our order book is full.”

Tiny home builder referring domains

Our client’s link profile is now considerably stronger than their more established competitors.

Tiny home builder keyword positions

Our client now ranks for many of the most lucrative keywords in their respective industry. As a result, their order book is full — and the leads keep on coming.

Gareth Boyd

Gareth Boyd

Gareth has been in SEO since 2003 and has been instrumental in establishing and growing businesses online, leveraging the power of SEO, strategic content development, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

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