Recovering a food publisher’s website hammered by a Google broad core update (Case study)

A publisher in the food industry, was facing a significant challenge. A Google broad core update had negatively impacted their rankings, leading to a substantial drop in website traffic. They turned to Forte Analytica for a solution.

Food publisher case study: organic traffic and organic keywords.

The challenge

After taking a hit from a Google broad core update, the client’s website was no longer ranking for their targeted keywords and their business was suffering, which relied largely on organic traffic for ad display revenue and affiliate programs.

They needed to build trust and authority rapidly to recover their search engine rankings and traffic.

First, our client implemented our homepage recommendations for landing big publication backlinks, which makes it easier to increase our pitch success rate.

We immediately got to work with great pitches on every ultra-niche relevant request on HARO.

The solution

Forte Analytica proposed a comprehensive link building strategy to address the client’s challenges.

Our strategy’s cornerstone was the use of our popular reactive PR link building service, a proven method for securing high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

Over the course of 3 months, Forte Analytica secured more than 20 placements in major publications, including Insider, House & Garden, Parade, CBS News, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, and Mashed, among others.

In addition to the HARO link building service, Forte Analytica conducted an outreach campaign to secure link insertions on highly relevant pages that ranked from competing websites.

This worked in tandem perfectly due to 95% of the HARO links were linking to the homepage, while we used the link inserts to power up internal categories and articles.

The INSANE results

The results of Forte Analytica’s comprehensive strategy were nothing short of remarkable if we say so ourselves!

Thanks to the high-quality backlinks and on-site improvements, our client saw a 900% increase in organic traffic from Google.

Gareth Boyd

Gareth Boyd

Gareth has been in SEO since 2003 and has been instrumental in establishing and growing businesses online, leveraging the power of SEO, strategic content development, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

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