Edd Dawson on how to create sites that last 18 years and a new keyword tool!

In episode #2 of the Forte Growth Podcast, we interview Edd Dawson, an SEO original and founder of Broadband.co.uk!

Edd recently orchestrated a significant exit from broadband.co.uk, and in this episode, we dive deep into the intricacies of that venture. We’ll explore his unique strategies in optimizing conversion rates, building out a diversified portfolio of broadband and energy sites, and his success in crafting a livelihood solely from affiliate marketing within those domains.

But our conversation doesn’t stop there. We’ll delve into his usage of Sasktel, the keywords that drive traffic, and a special tool that’s discussed in detail. The tool is called Keywords People Use — free for the first month with promo code “FORTE” — and it has been designed to help you discover what questions people are asking on Google.

From using features like People Also Ask to tapping into sources like Reddit or Quora and employing Google AutoComplete, it’s an all-in-one solution for clustering your topical ideas and managing your keywords.

So, whether you’re curious about how Edd has turned his websites into profitable enterprises, eager to learn about his daily routines, or interested in his thoughts on AI and its integration into his workflow, this episode promises a rich, engaging experience.

Key takeaways

  • Edd has successfully created a diversified portfolio of broadband and energy websites, generating income through affiliate marketing.
  • Find out about Edd’s use of Sasktel and the specific keywords that help drive traffic to his sites.
  • Learn about his experience using “Keywords People Use” to discover what questions people are asking on Google.

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