James Brooks – TikTok Shop is changing the game for businesses & affiliate marketers

Episode #17 of Forte Growth with James Brooks, founder of JournoMofo.

James shares his journey in the crypto world, focusing on launching NFT projects, which led to building his tool, JournoMofo. It helps users quickly find and respond to journalism requests on Twitter/X, offering a smart way to get quality links without the competition found on platforms like HARO.

They also discuss the power of TikTok, exploring its potential for businesses and affiliate marketers. The conversation highlights the benefits of TikTok Shop for promoting products and expanding affiliate marketing efforts in innovative ways.

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James de Lacey

James de Lacey

James de Lacey is the host of Forte Growth Podcast, on the side of building Sweet Science of Fighting and Lift Big Eat Big, both successful in their respective industries.

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