Casey Botticello – AI content process to make 5 figures monthly

Episode #24 of Forte Growth with Casey Botticello, a blogger, digital marketing consultant, and indie creator.

James de Lacey speaks with Casey on his unique approach to portfolio management, focusing primarily on his innovative AI process. We explore the nitty-gritty details of how he generates and edits his projects, his strategies for monetization, and his plans for future endeavors.

What sets this conversation apart is our deep dive into the topic of niche selection. Casey shares his method for choosing the right niche—actually combining two niches—to inspire listeners who are considering similar ventures. This unique perspective on niche selection has not been covered in other interviews with Casey, making this discussion particularly valuable.

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James de Lacey

James de Lacey

James de Lacey is the host of Forte Growth Podcast, on the side of building Sweet Science of Fighting and Lift Big Eat Big, both successful in their respective industries.

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