HARO vs Terkel: which is better for building links?

Are you struggling to get your business featured in top-tier publications? Do you want to be recognized as an authority in your industry? If you answered yes to both questions, you may be interested in HARO and Terkel. But what exactly are these platforms? Which one is right for your business?

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of HARO and Terkel to help you make a more informed decision.

We will discuss the pros and cons of each platform, their pricing plans, and overall effectiveness in connecting businesses with journalists.

What is HARO?

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s a platform founded by Peter Shankman in 2008 that helps journalists find sources and experts for their articles. The platform matches journalists with experts from various industries, such as healthcare, law, finance, and technology, among others.

How does HARO work?

HARO sends out daily emails to subscribers that contain queries from journalists. Businesses can become a source for journalists by signing up for HARO and responding to queries they are qualified to answer.

Journalists can also reach out to businesses directly if they see their expert profile in the HARO database.

Pros of using HARO

  • Free to use the platform
  • Connects businesses with journalists from top publications, including The New York Times, Forbes, and CNBC.
  • Easy to find journalists looking for specific sources and quotes for stories.
  • Many journalists use HARO daily, leading to a higher chance of getting media coverage.
  • Provides experts with opportunities to showcase their expertise and be recognized as a thought leader in their industry.

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Cons of using HARO

  • High competition to get featured in top-tier publications. * Great pitches enhance the success rate.
  • Busy journalists may not have time to respond to every inquiry received through HARO.
  • HARO’s free plan may not provide enough media opportunities.

HARO pricing plans

HARO offers two pricing plans: Free and Premium. The free plan gives businesses access to three media opportunities per month, while the Premium plan provides unlimited media opportunities, priority access to inquiries, and other features. The Premium plan costs $19 per month.

Read our guide on whether HARO Pro is worth paying for.

What is Terkel?

Terkel is a platform founded in 2021 that aims to connect businesses with journalists in a more efficient and effective way than traditional PR firms.

How does Terkel work?

Terkel allows businesses to create an expert profile that journalists can access and reach out to directly.

Additionally, Terkel provides a database of journalists that businesses can access to find the perfect reporter to pitch their story.

Pros of using Terkel

  • Connects businesses with journalists quickly and efficiently.
  • Allows businesses to find journalists that fit their niche and industry.
  • Provides businesses with tools to measure the effectiveness of their PR campaigns.
  • Small businesses without PR experience can benefit from the platform.

Cons of using Terkel

  • Terkel is relatively new compared to HARO and may not have as many journalists in their database.
  • The platform is not free, and businesses need to pay for a subscription to access their services.
  • Terkel’s pricing plans may not be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses.

Terkel pricing plans

Terkel offers three pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. The Basic plan costs $49 per month, the Premium plan is $149 per month, and the Ultimate plan is $299 per month.

Each plan provides access to different features such as media coaching, media list building, pitching support, and expert positioning.

Which platform should you choose?

Deciding between HARO and Terkel largely depends on your business’s size, budget, and industry. If you’re starting and have a limited budget, HARO’s free plan may provide enough media opportunities.

But if you’re looking for more advanced features and tools to measure the effectiveness of your PR campaigns, Terkel may be the better choice.

Both platforms are effective in connecting businesses with newsmakers, and ultimately, your decision should be based on what your business needs.

There are many other HARO alternatives to try other than just Terkel. You may find most of the journalists will syndicate their source request across all of the platforms, depending on the publication’s size.


What is the difference between HARO and Terkel?

HARO is a free platform that connects businesses with journalists looking for sources and quotes for their articles. Terkel is a paid platform that provides businesses with more advanced features such as media coaching, media list building, and pitching support.

How much do HARO and Terkel cost?

HARO’s pricing plans include a free plan with limited features and a Premium plan that costs $19 per month. Terkel offers three pricing plans: Basic ($49 per month), Premium ($149 per month), and Ultimate ($299 per month).

What type of businesses can benefit from HARO and Terkel?

HARO and Terkel are suitable for businesses looking to get media coverage and be recognized as a thought leader in their industry. Both platforms can benefit businesses from various industries, such as healthcare, law, finance, technology, among others.

Are HARO and Terkel easy to use?

HARO and Terkel are both user-friendly platforms that allow businesses to find media opportunities with ease. They provide tools and resources to help businesses navigate their databases and connect with the right journalists for their stories.

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