HARO vs MentionMate: Which is better?

In the world of digital marketing, businesses are constantly looking for new and effective ways to improve their SEO strategies. There are a variety of tools available to help achieve these goals, but two that often stand out are Haro and MentionMate.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these two tools, their similarities, and differences, and help you determine which tool is best suited for your SEO needs.

What is Haro?

Haro stands for Help a Reporter Out and it’s a platform that connects journalists and bloggers with sources. It’s a win-win situation for both parties – journalists get access to expert opinions and insights from sources, while sources (such as businesses) get the opportunity to be featured in articles. Haro is a free tool and is used by a wide range of industries.

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What is MentionMate?

MentionMate is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses improve their online visibility. This tool tracks mentions of your brand online, analyzes data and provides insights that can help you improve your SEO strategy. MentionMate is a paid tool, with various pricing options available based on the needs of businesses.

How Haro and MentionMate Can Help Your SEO Strategy?

Both Haro and MentionMate can help your business achieve SEO success by providing tools to boost online visibility. Haro can help businesses get featured in articles, and backlinked to sites with high authority, while MentionMate can help businesses track their mentions online, analyze those mentions, and identify opportunities to improve their SEO.

Key Differences Between Haro and MentionMate

While Haro and MentionMate have similar goals in improving SEO, there are key differences between the two platforms. There are three main areas where they differ:

1. Purpose

Haro is primarily used to help journalists and bloggers find sources for their articles, while MentionMate is used to track the mentions of your brand online.

2. Cost

Haro is free to use and requires businesses to respond to journalist queries. There is a paid plan called HARO Pro. MentionMate is a paid tool, with various pricing options for businesses to choose from.

3. Analytics and Data

MentionMate provides businesses with detailed analytics and data on their online mentions, Haro offers data and analytics on the number of backlinks generated.

Which Tool Should You Use?

The choice between Haro and MentionMate will often depend on the needs of the business.

ere are some factors to consider when deciding which tool is best for your business:

1. Content Marketing Strategy

If you have a content marketing strategy in place and want to generate quality backlinks from high authority sites, then Haro may be the better choice.

2. Budget

If you have a limited budget for your SEO strategy, then Haro might be the better choice as it’s a free tool. However, if you can afford to invest in a paid tool, MentionMate offers more comprehensive data and analytics.

3. Time

Haro is an effective tool, but it requires time and effort from businesses to respond with a good pitch to journalist queries. If you do not have the time or resources to monitor queries regularly, MentionMate might be a better choice as it automates the process of tracking mentions of your brand online.

So, which is better?

Haro and MentionMate are both important tools that can help your business improve its SEO strategy. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, it comes down to the needs of your business.

If you have a content marketing strategy in place and want to generate quality backlinks, then Haro might be the better choice for your business.

However, if you want to track mentions of your brand online and make data-driven decisions to improve your SEO strategy, MentionMate might be the better choice.

Read our full guide on all of the best HARO alternatives with their pros and cons from our own experience.


How does Haro help businesses with SEO?

Haro helps businesses generate quality backlinks from high authority sites. These backlinks can improve the online visibility of your brand, and in turn, boost your SEO rankings.

Can MentionMate help me track my competitors’ mentions?

Yes, MentionMate can track the mentions of your competitors online, giving you insights into their SEO strategies and how you can improve yours.

Is Haro difficult to use?

Using Haro requires time and effort from businesses to monitor queries regularly and respond to journalist inquiries. However, the tool is straightforward and easy to use.

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