Listen if you liked the Niche Website Builders podcast – An introduction!

Carrying on where Niche Website Builders Podcast left off, with the same host, James de Lacey, along with Gareth Boyd, co-founder of Forte Analytica.

In this episode, more like a mini introduction to the series and we discuss a variety of things.

From what Gareth does at Forte Analytica, our thoughts on the upcoming changes in Google’s SERPs and branching out from focusing purely on organic search.

We discuss one of our main services at Forte, which is our HARO link building service.

You won’t be blown away by this episode, but it gives you an insight to what we have planned for the podcast series.

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Erica Fecundo

Erica Fecundo

Erica is one of Forte's assistant marketers and makes sure everything smooths seamlessly with the production of our podcast channel.